Big Ben umbrella is the ultimate solution not only for commercial use. The solid aluminum frame includes a center mast diameter of 84mm/3“ with 5mm wall thickness and double layer power struts providing extra stability.

Big Ben is the must have sunshade for outdoor dining. It will boost the business of any outdoor dining area by offering reliable sun and weather protection to the guests and comfortable handling to the servants. Not to mention the additional comfort by optional light and heating solutions.

With sizes up to 6m octagonal, 6m square, 7x5m rectangle and 7m round it easily covers 40 and more patrons while at the same time being able to withstand winds up to 50 mph.

Big Ben 

  • Premium acrylic fabric (high-tech outdoor fabrics also available)
  • Ali-Power-Frame with 84mm mast with 5mm wall thickness
  • Powerstruts 40x20mm with extra long U-reinforcements
  • Stainless Steel flange with special alignment guide
  • frame in all RAL-Colours from our colour chart available without any fees
  • Massive aluminium hub in frame colour
  • Telescopic mechanism with internal aluminium spindle operating system
  • includes decorative aluminium finial matching frame colour
  • removable crank handle
  • Includes grey protective bag


  • LED lighting
  • Heaters
  • Bases
    • concrete fixed point
    • mobile base

All the details on sizes, shapes and fabrics for the umbrellas can be found in the brochure by clicking here

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