Samara umbrella is an affordable commercial grade sun and weather protection ideal for outdoor dining places.

Samara’s centerpiece is an internal spindle lift system with rust free stainless steel spindle. This enables the shade to be opened and closed with very minimum effort. The smart telescopic mechanism elongates the mast while closing the Samara having it close above table or seating groups.

Available in a solid aluminum hub with double layer reinforced struts insures extra wind resistance. Samara’s robust frame can handle high stressed environment even up to sizes reaching 5.5M (18‘1“)

Samara Classic

  • Premium acrylic fabric (high-tech outdoor fabrics also available)
  • Aluminium frame with 50mm/2″mast (3mm wall thickness) and 30x1502mm struts
  • Struts 30x15mm with reinforcement
  • Standard frame is
    • White RAL9016
    • Anthracite grey RAL 7016
    • Nut brown RAL 8011
    • High gloss or silver anodized
  • Highly resilient, UV-stabilized plastic hub in white or anthracite grey
  • Telescopic mechanism with internal stainless steel spindle operating system
  • Removable crank handle
  • includes grey protective bag
  • A choice of sewed-on valance, flowing valance or no valance
  • A speciality RAL frame can be selected for a additional fee

The Samara Plus (has all the above plus the following)

  • Double-layer-powerstruts 30x15mm with reinforcement over the entire length
  • Aluminium hub in frame colour
  • optional decorative aluminium finial matching frame colour

All the details on sizes, shapes and fabrics for the umbrellas can be found in the brochure by clicking here

If you have an enquiry call 0330 1234 322