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Fabric Finishes

We don’t sell fabrics direct to customer, selecting the fabric is a biproduct of a made to order chairs therefore on our made to order chair there is a selection of stock faux leather that the client can choose from at a basic price.


Many of our made-to-order products offer the option for the use of a stock faux leather at no additional charge. These are below. If you wish to use a custom fabric on any of our products, simply provide us with the fabric name and manufacturer. We can arrange for samples and provide you with a quote for your chair featuring that specific fabric. Below, you’ll find information about our stock faux leather options and links to our primary fabric suppliers.


If you’re still unsure give us a call to organise a showroom appointment, site visit or video meeting.

Some of our Fabric Suppliers

To Help You Further...

We have put together a quick split of some of our more popular choices by price range.

£15 - £20 £20 - £30 £30 - £40
ILIV - Opal Agua - Finezza Panaz - Enchant Velvet
Skopos - Kiri FL Panaz - Aston Panaz - Magma
Skopos - Hiako FL Panaz - Elkie Panaz - Lexington
Skopos - Herriot Panaz - Vintage Skopos - La Feria
Panaz - EcoTwist Panaz - Coco Skopos – Mila
Agua - Primeira Skopos - Boulevard
Agua - Tones ILIV - Casa
Agua - Taurus FL ILIV - Richmond
Agua - Paint Pot FL ILIV - Seattle
Agua - Alberta Hyde

If you’re still unsure, get in touch.

Faux Leather Fabrics

  • Khaki

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Cappuccino

  • Chocolate

  • Dark Brown

  • Dark Red

  • Ivory

  • Jaffa

  • Lagoon

  • Light Green

  • Plum

  • Plum

  • Red

  • Grey

  • Stone

  • White

  • Wine

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